A fantasy94

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
A fantasy94

You're at a beach, with your /girlfriend/">girlfriend,Ceci, who blowjob porn videos is rubbing your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. You then see the sexiest woman you've ever seen, and you really want to fuck her, but to shake the feeling, you check that noone else is around and roll Ceci on to her back and start to fuck her. The woman seems taken back, but then just sits an watches. You are fucking Ceci for at least an hour, while she moans and groans and begs for more. 

When you finish, Ceci goes for a nap and the Woman comes over to talk. She says "that was some pretty good fucking". You think that's a very weird compliment, but you thank her anyway. She then says "My name is Catlin, and pardon me for saying this, but I really want your cock inside of me". You're just astounded that this could happen to you, but are happy because you know Ceci is bisexual, and she would love to eat out this hot piece of ass. You say that sure, but you'll have to have sex with your girlfriend, too. She agrees to this, and you wake Ceci, who looks Catlin over and is pleased with what she sees. She says fine, and so you get started.

You start by having Ceci going down below to suck your pulsating cock, and she is loving it. You then have Catlin come over to tongue with, you while you feel up her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts and Ceci fingers her pussy. Then Catlin goes down to blow you and you eat Ceci out. It's hard to concentrate because Catlin is giving you a really good blowjob. But you go on licking Ceci's pussy because it is getting really hot and wet.

You know you can't wait any more, so you flip Ceci on her back and start to fuck her as hard as you can. She moans and groans and begs you to not stop. Catlin, remembering what you said, went over to Ceci's mouth and laid doggy style over her and let Ceci eat her out. Catlin loved it, as she had neverexperienced anything like this in her life. Ceci eats her out for a while, until she stands up and says, while rubbing her pussy, "Fuck me now, please! I'm so horny!" So you get Catlin on all fours and fuck her even harder than you fucked Ceci. She is moaning so loud, you think someone will come and see you for sure! Ceci, is O.K., while she stands on the sides and masturbates to an orgasm, and it is a huge one, because she moans louder than screaming into a megaphone. Catlin moans very loud too as Ceci goes under her to suck on her tits, while you keep on pounding her pussy as hard and fast as you can. You can tell she has milf porn videos orgasmed many times, because her body has shaken so violently as your inside her. Catlin and Ceci are loving every minute of this, and so are you, going in and out of Catlin hard and fast. Then Catlin gets off you and Ceci grabs your cock and jerks you off very fast! When you know you can't hold it in much longer, Catlin can tell, and puts her mouth over your dick. You comeeverywhere in her mouth, and she swallows every ounce of the come you let out.

You feel that this was the best thing that's ever happened to you, until you realize that this was just a dream. You then wake up, only to find Ceci right next to you in her bikini, and no Catlin in sight. You stand up to wonder was it really just all a dream? You know it was, but it was a pretty damn good dream.