The Joys Of A Teacher

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Joys Of A Teacher

I was the new /teacher/">teacher at the school, only 26 and I got along with the students really well. They looked at me as just another one of the girls, and I was glad. I am about 5'6, 120 lbs, /blonde/">blonde hair and green eyes. I have a fairly large chest, which I thank my husband for, since he paid for them. Well when I found out that I was going to be the volleyball coach, I wasn't really excited, I didn't really want to take time out of my day for practice and then games, but after a while watching the girls showering made up for it, I had a thing for young girls that no one knew about except me, not even my husband. Watching these young highschool girls just got me all wet, and after practice I would find myself masturbating while the girls were in the shower. 

I couldn't help it, watching them sweat and bounce around in there little spandex shorts. It seemed there the wwwxxx was nothing better than them in those spandex shorts, well maybe one thing, them naked!!!! I would tell them to hit the showers, and then go into my office, which had a clear view of the shower, and sit at my desk and frig my cunt till I was satisfied. I liked one girl inparticular, her name was kally, long red hair and big chested. Her pussy smelt so nice, how would I know you ask, well after practice when they got into the shower, I would come along and grab her little /thong/">thong, and take it into the office with me to smell and taste while I masturbated, I have kept a few and she was beginning to grow suspicious. After practice one day I went to go grab her thong like usual, and she was behind the locker, and came out as I grabbed them. "What are you doing coach?", is what I heard from behind me. I turned around and looked at her, she looked so good even in that towel. " aren't going to tell anyone are you?", I asked afraid I would lose my job. "There are things we can do that would make up for it". "What kind of things?", she asked with a curious look on her face. "Well you want to be captain don't you?

 I could do that for you Kally, as long as you can do me some favors and not tell anyone". She stood there and thought about it for a little while, "Ok, what type of favors, you keep taking my thongs, cause I'm running out". "No not just the thongs Kally, I will give those back, but I have some other things in mind", I said with a smile on my face. "Ok, what type of other things coach?" I started to undo my skirt and blouse, "These type of things Kally", I said as I started to rub myself through my cotton thong. "Well coach, I don't really know what I'm with a girl". "I will teach you, that is why I'm a teacher isn't it?" She started to smile, I grabbed her hand and lead her to my office, I closed the blinds and locked the door. I turned on the radio and sat her down, I started to strip for her, taking off my blouse first, then my skirt, then my nylons, then my tops as I sat on her, then I bent over in front of her as I took of my thong, my dripping /thong/wet-thong/">wet thong. "Coach, I didn't know you knew how to lap dance, that was really sexy!!" 

"Thank you Kally, but please, call me Vicky", I said as I grabbed her by her red hair and started to kiss her with more lust then I've ever kissed anyone before. I slipped my tounge in her mouth and she put hers in mine, our tounges darting back and forth over another as I undid her towel and pushed it aside. "Now lie down on the floor, and spread your legs", I demanded. She lied down, her tight little shaved pussy was nice and wet, I could see the glistening on her pussy lips and some on her inner thieghs, she was enjoying this as much as me. I got down on my knees between her legs and started to kiss and lick her nipples. She moaned and grabbed my hair. I started to move down and started to kiss her belly as she pulled my hair harder. "Lick my pussy vic, lick it please, eat me!!" I obeyed her cried of lust as I started to lick her pussy lips, the smell and taste better than that of any thong I've taken from her, "Yes....Yes!!!!" she moaned as I put my tounge in her. I started to finger her as I flicked my tounge back and forth over her hard little clitty. "I'm getting close", she screamed. I moved down from her clit, and started to lick her tight little /asshole/">asshole, "Yes,that's my spot, lick it, LICK IT!!!" I licked it and put my tounge as far up there I could. I could tell she was getting close, so I moved back up to her clit and started to do spirals around it with my tounge, while I shoved 2 fingers up her tight little ass. wwwxxx "Yes...YES..I'M CUMMING, OHHHHHH", she screamed as she cummed. I kept on eating her out till her orgasms were over. 

I got up and sat on the chair, spreading my legs across the arm rests. "Now, its your turn, do what I did to you". She crawled over to me with a smirk on her face. "Ok, but I might not be that good at it." She said as she started to kiss and lick my tits. "Ohhh that feels good, I have a feeling your going to be very good at this." She moved down to my belly, and then down to my inner thieghs, now and then teasing me by brushing her tounge across my lips. "Don't tease me Kally, please jus lick my cunt and ass!!!" She obeyed and spread my cunt lips with her fingers and started to lick and suck like this was the last thing she would do. I moaned and screamed loudly, "You want me to lick your ass?" She asked as she rubbed her finger on my tight little rosebud. "Yes Kally, eat it and then finger fuck it, please don't tease me, I need you!!!" She smiled and started to lick and /hole/ass-hole/suck-my-asshole/">suck my asshole, while her other finger rubbed my hard clitty. "Yes Kally, I love that, DON'T STOP......PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!" I begged as I could feel my orgasm getting closer. She moved back up to my clit and started to /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-my-ass/">finger my ass with 2 fingers, "More Kally, put 3 in there, and do it hard!!" 

She rammed another finger up my ass as her mouth stayed on my clit, sucking and rubbing it with her tounge. Unghhh!!! Pain and pleasure shot through me as I was about to cum. She stuck her thumb in my pussy as cummed on her face, grabbing her by her red hair and holding her there, rubbing her face on my /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass as I enjoyed my orgasm. "Well I guess I'm captain now huh?" "Yeah you are, but that doesn't mean this little deal is over, we keep doing this till the end of the season, maybe longer". I said as I smiled and got dressed. "Sounds like its going to be a great season, as she grabbed my wet cotton thong, "And these are mine now." She put my thong in her pocket and gave me hers. "Just something to remind us of this night when we get lonely." I smiled at her, "Your right, this is going to be a great season."