A First In The Hayloft

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A First In The Hayloft

She led him out of the car with a blindfold across his handsome face. Her hand was wrapped in his as she walked towards the door. Suddenly, she stopped and released him from his blindfold. His /sweet/">sweet face was very confused.

"Why are we at the barn?" his low, sexy voice rang out

"I have a /surprise/">surprise for you!" her voice was excited as she continued walking through the door. She heard a nicker as she walked past one of the stalls. She looked back at him, noticing his hesitance. "Come on already, I'm not going to bite.. too hard at least." a devillish grin came across her face as she began to climb the stairs to the hayloft. He followed her, though he made sure to look around to see if anyone else was there, luckily they were alone. He walked behind her until she stopped and took his hands in hers. "I know that we've been talking about sex lately and I know that you wanted it to be special. Well.. this is the only place that we are both in a world of bliss so I wanted it to be here." she smiled and looked at his slightly perplexed face. 

She had already been up there that afternoon and had arranged things as she wanted them. She had stacked a few haybales around to create the illusion of being in a secluded room with a silky soft blanket littering the ground. There was a dim light coming through a circular window as they could clearly see the sun setting. 

Slowly, she pushed him towards the ground and began to kiss him. Their tongues intertwined and mingled in a dance of love's everlasting seduction. Her hands were expertly making their way down his toned abs and chest, giving his dark nipples some attention as she guided her hands to the buttons of his shirt. She undid them quickly without breaking their kiss. Seductively, she peeled off his shirt, revealing a very muscular body that any girl would love to tease. He had been resting on his elbows and she slowly began trailing kisses down his chest in a serpentining pattern, covering every inch of his deluctable body. He sat there, wathing that beautiful girl work her magic on his stomach.

She stopped right above his jeans. Her hands found the button and followed by sliding down the zipper. She grasped the belt loops and gently tugged his jeans off, leaving him in his boxers.

She went to take off his boxers but he stopped her. She went to protest but he hushed her with a finger to her lips. He very gently pushed her towards the ground, taking off her shirt in one, swift move.His sexy smile entranced her as he reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it drop beneath her. He grinned broadly and went straight for her neck, a verysensuous place on a woman. He kissed and teased her neck a while before moving down to her breasts, which were very hard and ready for his tender touch. His tongue swirled over them, making sure to touch every nerve that surrounded them.

He then trailed kisses down to her naval where he stopped briefly, giving himself time to grasp the edges of her denim skirt and pull it swiftly downward. He smiled and went down to taste her sweet juices. She was already very wet and her savory fluids were flowing from her. His tongue instantly found her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her. She did her best not to scream out in ecstacy, biting her lip sexily. He continued down farther, finding her hole and swirling his tongue around, instantly sending an orgasm rushing through her body. He halted to taste her as her scent engulfed him completely.
He went to continue, but she stopped him. It was her turn to pleasure him now.

She rolled him over, having her straddle his legs for a moment before moving down between his roguish thighs. She grasped the base of his penis, massaging it gently. She bent over to lick the tip, swirling her tongue over the mushroom head that was leaking pre-cum profusely. He moaned when she breathed out hot breath on his shaft. She took part of him in her mouth, sucking and kneading him with her palm. With each downward motion, her tongue carressed the sides of his cock, making snake-like movements with her tongue. Her hands moved down to knead his balls, one old waman xxxgx then the other, as she continued to suck him. She had only taken 6 of the 7 in's in her mouth and in one swift motion, she was deepthroating him. Her throat was convulsing, sending extra sensations through his body. His balls tensed, ready to bokep sma pecah perawan explode. She waited and backed off to the head, licking it furiously. He moaned out loud and sent several shots of cum into her mouth, her swallowing it all.

She then moved up to kiss him, letting him taste his own cum for the /first-time/">first time. She smiled and broke the kiss.
"I've waited for this for a long time and I knew that I wanted you to be my first." she rolled over so that he was on top and for the first time, she felt his penis rubbing gently against her pussy. She moaned, it not even near entering her. 

He looked down at her "Are you sure?"
She smiled broadly "This is the one thing that I am positively sure of."

He nodded and reached down to grasp his well-lubricated shaft. He placed the mushroom like head at her entrance and applied a little pressure. She gasped and held onto his back, gripping tightly. He looked concerned but she just nodded. He slowly pushed the head in along with an inch or so. He stopped and let her vaginal wallsaccommodate him for a moment. Once he saw that she was ok, he pushed in a little more. He felt resistance and looked down at her; this was her last chance to back out. She nodded, tears in the corners of her eyes. He pushed past her hymen, breaking it swiftly. She screamed, digging her fingers into his back. He stopped and looked down at her. "Are you ok??" She had a grimacing look but it slowly subsided. She took a deep breath and told him to continue. 

He began to push all of himself in, pulling out slowly and moving back in. His movements were starting to feel good to her, the searing pain turning to eroticpleasure. His thrusts were being met by hers, they were one being, moving as one and thinking as one. His pace quickened a little, but just enough to give her an orgasm that had her smiling and panting deeply. She began to clench her vagina around his cock which was pulsing in and out of her. She held onto it as it made its way in and out. 

He began to feel his balls tighten up, sending the familiar wave of /semen/">semen through his shaft. He came in her with suck force that sent her into another orgasm. 
After they were both done, they lay there, him still in her and both of them smiling broadly. They held each other, embracing as the sun was just barely visible upon the horizon. He leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"That was amazing, you are amazing. I love you.." his words were carried in a sexy whisper to her ears. She moaned softly in agreement, too tired to talk. She snuggled close to him and together, they fell asleep, having shared something that meant the world to both of them.