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Fantasy Inc

Fantasy Inc : The Full story . By Carl East

Striding down the city sidewalks, Colin kept an eye out looking for the conference hall where he was scheduled to be. His eyes took everything in and he silently acknowledged that the city was where he came alive. He loved the way cars and buses played dodge with each other and the occasional fool-hardy pedestrian. Seeing his reflection as he passed the shop window he stopped to assess his appearance. This gathering was very important and he wanted to be on top of his game, today of all days. The navy suit looked good and the crisp white shirt and stylish red tie was just what it needed to complete the look. The shop assistant had advised him well.

Brushing back his thick dark hair he crossed his blue eyes and laughed at his reflection. He shook his head because while he believed in being healthy and fit, he was definitely not a man about town. He was just a hard worker who strived to do the very best in the career he had chosen. Like a genie in a bottle, his job was to grant the client's wish, a sexual fantasy of their choosing.

He started back on his way admiring the nearby shop windows. While they offered the newest and best of everything from stylish clothing to the most up-to-date electronics the world had to offer'they didn't offer what his company could.

Catching site of the building where his meeting was scheduled he realized he was early. Spying a sidewalk hotdog vendor he decided that he”d have a bite to eat before heading in. It would give him a few moments to relax and enjoy the fact that he was one of twenty-four managers that headed a Fantasy Inc. Office and would be attending the very first Manager's Award Ceremony.

The company had decided early on that they would reward their top employees, and although Colin knew that his chances of winning were slim he considered himself fortunate to have risen through the ranks so quickly. Rising from the park bench he ventured into the hall and was greeted at the door by a charming young lady who took his name.

She directed him to the banquet room and he found that most of the other candidates were already there. Pretty soon he was introducing himself and chatting with the other managers. The main topic seemed to be their adventures thus far with the company, but it wasn't long before the event director made an announcement.

He simply said that everyone would be interviewed shortly and to go where directed once their names were called out. Colin felt nervous when his name was called, but didn't know why. He followed the young lady that seemed to be his escort until they came to a large office. Once inside he free porn movies download found three Fantasy Inc directors seated and awaiting his arrival.

The eldest of the three rose to shake his hand as he entered the room. ”Hello Colin, let me introduce myself and my colleagues. On my right is Judy Crowther and on my left is Daniel Peck, my name is Peter Morgan.”

He smiled and nodded to the other members of the panel and sat where indicated. Placing his briefcase on the floor next to him he took a moment to assess the room and the directors.

”Colin, as you know today is about you and our twenty-three other managers. We have reviewed the financial statements and business has been very good this past year. While this is important, we are also here to find out who the most inventive manager of Fantasy Inc was, at least for the past year. We intend to reward that individual for his or her hard work. We requested you to bring the top six files of your fantasy requests and would like you to recount to us on how you managed their accounts,” said Peter.

Colin nodded and sat forward to open his briefcase. Reaching inside he took out the file folders and sat back to begin.

”As you know, we encourage our clients to commit their view of the adventures to paper, and I have been fortunate to have clients that spared no details in their experiences. The first one, I must admit, was probably my favorite as I personally developed the design for her fantasy. If you'll allow me, I'll read their accounts, though I must point out that these tales were tidied up a little before I filed them,” said Colin.

”What do you mean by tidied up?” asked Peter.

”Well, I had the idea for turning our client's adventures into a printed story. When completed, I would present it to them as a reminder of their time with us. I should point out that some individuals elected to write in a third person perspective whilst others chose a first person one. I felt I should follow their lead in the writing style; however, since most people are not professional writers, I edited and revised their stories as necessary. The clients felt that this was a wonderful idea and now have something to refer to. I”ve been told by our client's how often they read their own tales. They can't believe it's them that the stories are referring to.”

The panel members murmured in approval and nodded for him to start. He sat back and got comfortable in his chair before beginning to recount his client's adventures.
Joan walked to work down the same street she'd walked everyday for the last three years and sighed. She was thinking, even wishing, that something exciting would happen for once in her life. When she reached the main road, she noticed a sign going up on the newly renovated block, which had been under construction for over a year. The sign simply read Fantasy Inc, which made her wonder what type of company it was. Walking past she finally reached her destination and lifted the eye glasses hanging by the beaded chain on her cardigan and entered the library. Calming looking around she sighed once again and admitted that being a librarian wasn't so bad but it certainly wasn't her fantasy.

She had forgotten all about the sign until she noticed the leaflet mixed with the rest of the mail when she came home from work that night. The elegant print claimed that any fantasy could be yours for a small and reasonable fee. Turning the leaflet over, she at first dismissed it as some sort of con, but as the lonely night wore on she continually thought about it. Lying in bed that night she continued to think about the new company. Intrigued, she finally decided to check it out the next day as she was off on Saturdays. She went along the same road every day and saw no problem in just popping in for a nose.

The next morning was crisp and bright when she left her apartment and headed full hd xvideo download towards her destination. As she stepped through the shiny brass doors she was immediately impressed with the d”cor and plush carpeting and made her way to the main desk.

The attractive receptionist wasted no time in greeting her.

"Good morning, may I help you?"

"Why yes. I was wondering what you do here, what services do you provide? I have a leaflet that claims that your company is able to fulfill any fantasy, so I thought I'd check it out," said Joan, feeling a little silly talking about fantasies to a perfect stranger.

"That's correct Madame. If you would like to take a minute to look through this small booklet, you'll see exactly what we do offer."

Joan went over to a nearby sofa and took a seat to scan the contents of the booklet. Much to her surprise she found that there was an adult section. Turning to it, she found that all conceivable sexual activities were catered for. Looking carefully around to see if anyone was watching her she adjusted her glasses to have a closer look. So shocked was she, at this point, that she had to read it again just to make sure she'd read it correctly. Thumbing quickly through the booklet she could not find any prices for the fantasies listed, so she returned to the receptionist.

"Is there someone I can talk to in private about this and discuss prices, etc?" she said, handing the booklet back.

"Yes Madame, it just so happens that we”ve had a cancellation. I can arrange for you to speak with someone within 20 minutes if you care to wait.

"Yes, that would be fine," replied Joan.

"Okay, I just need to take your name, and you're all set," said the receptionist getting her notebook out.

"Right'my name's, Joan Banner. Do you need my address?"

"No, not just now, but they probably will later on, please have a seat and when they”re ready I'll buzz you through.”

Sitting back on the sofa she tried to read one of the magazines left on the side table but she began to have second thoughts. What on earth was she doing here, what if someone from the library found out? She was just about to get up and leave when she heard the receptionist say, ”Miss Banner would you like to go straight through?" indicating the direction with her hand.

Joan thanked her, and shakily walked into another smart room, where a huge mirror dominated the back wall and landscape pictures adorned the rest. Too busy gazing around the room she missed the occupant.

"Miss Banner?" said a voice in front of her.

Joan turned her head to see a well dressed gentleman walking around the modern desk with his hand extended to usher her into the nearby seat.

"You can call me Joan, I'd prefer that," replied Joan self-consciously and taking the seat indicated.

"Okay, Joan it is,” he replied with a smile. ”Now then what particular fantasy have we tempted you with?"

"'," said Joan hesitantly not knowing where or how to start.

"I see. Well look, how about you just write it down on paper, and we'll take it from there," he said, handing over a sheet and a pen.

Smiling, Joan took the paper and found that she did find it easier to commit to paper, and quickly did so. She handed the paper back and could feel a flush covering her face.

"Ah, you want our 'Gangbang Treat,' well you may consider it yours as soon as you leave these premises. I'll explain how all this works. We request that our fee of $250 is paid up front and within a month we will arrange your request. Your fantasy will come true and to your satisfaction or your money will be refunded."

"It all sounds very exciting and I agree to the terms, but will I get any advanced warning?" said Joan.

"Not with this package. Your idea with this fantasy is that you want to be taken by surprise. Something I've come across several times in the past, it seems women tend to have darker fantasies than men, it can be prearranged though, if that's what you prefer?"
"No, that's fine. I did want it to be surprise," replied Joan as she counted out the fee.

Joan left a few minutes later and from that moment on she thought every group of men she saw was part of her fantasy. Yet for two weeks nothing happened, and she was starting to think that perhaps it all had been a con. Too embarrassed now to speak to anyone about it, she went about her normal day to day routine. On Wednesday, she realized that she had to go to the bank, but found her branch closed for renovation. They'd apparently left a cashier in the next store who was apologizing to everyone for the inconvenience, and just as Joan was about to leave, a big white van screeched up to a halt and four masked men with guns jumped out.

It was a hold-up, and Joan knew better than to disobey anything they told her to do. So, she was along with everyone else, lying down on the floor as the gang proceeded to fill their bag with cash from the register. Just then the sound of sirens could be heard in the distance and one of the four grabbed Joan roughly by the arm and started to drag her, shouting for her to move. Terrified she stumbled to her feet, it seemed they were after a hostage. They pushed her into the back of the van and someone immediately blindfolded her as they sped off.