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Hal Decker pulled on his turtle neck sweater and padlocked is locker and yelled to the attendant, "Seeya in a couple of days, Jimmy, have a good one!!!" It was a crisp and clear September evening in Minneapolis, and Hal was thinking about how much better he was feeling since he started working out twice a week as he approached his car at the far end of the parking lot!!! He was just about open the door on his new SUV, when out of nowhere a vice like grip around held his arms tight to his body, before a handkerchief doused with chloroform was pressed roughly over his mouth and nostrils, quickly rendering him unconsciousness!!!

He didnt know how long he had been out, but his nose burned from the chloroform, and when he tried getting to his feet, he found that he was tied up and unable to get off of what he thought was a bed!!! With the room was pitch dark, he had time to ponder his situation, and for the life of him, he couldnt figure out who would want to kidnap him!!! He wasnt rich and neither were his folks, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv so money was out of the question, so what in the heck was it!?! Since he wasnt already dead, he figured that who ever it was probably wanted him alive, but as of that moment it was pure speculation, so he lay quietly while working on his bindings!!! It was useless, who had ever tied him up knew exactly what they were doing, because the harder he tried to escape the tighter they became!!! Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours, and he was just about to scream out when the door burst open, the light came on, and much to his /surprise/">surprise, there stood a woman dressed in army fatigues with black face toting an M16 rifle!!!

"What the fucks going on around here," he demanded in a voice that sounded much more sure of himself than he really was!?! The woman in the army get up ignored his question and turned to someone in the other room and said, "Hes awake now, whataya wanna do!?!" He couldnt quite make out what the other person had said, but within seconds, three other like dressed females burst into the bedroom, grabbed him around the waist, and dragged him out into a shabbyily appointed living room!!! He started to ask again what was going on, but instead he got a rifle butt slammed into his belly which instantly dropped him to his knees!!! "Dont ya just love it when theyre on their knees," a tall slim blonde laughed, "I think I might as well take advantage of the situation, dont you, girls!?!" The other three women either laughed or chuckled at the blondes remark, but when she started removing her pants and panties, Hal knew right away that this could turn out to be a very long night!!!

"Okay now, baby," the blonde said gently while roughly pulling his mouth to her bulging pussy, "now be a good little boy and mama wont have to punish you!!!" "Way to go, Candy," one of the other women urged, "make the little maggot suck you off, make him do you good!!!" Candys head rolled from side to side on her shoulders as Hals tongue slithered up and down the hot pussied bitchs slit, educing a long moan and sigh as her orgasm built deep inside of her cunt!!! "Jesus christ, we finally found one that knows where a clit is," Candy moaned as her pussy convulsed wildly in Hals mouth, "I-Im fucking cumming so fucking hard, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck thats nice!!!" Even though he was on his knees and tied up, Hal couldnt help himself as he greedily lapped up Candys profuse cunt juice, until when she was finally spent, the hot pussied blonde fell backwards onto the floor with her legs splayed wide apart while struggling to catch her breath!!!" It was at that point that a chunky brunette announced, "Since we seem to be gettin and early start on things, I might as well see what our boy had hidden inside those pants!!!" Hal turned to face the dark haired plumper, but when he began to protest, one of the other women pointed her rifle at his groin and said evenly, "Honey, you aint got no choice!!!

Hal lay helplessly on the floor while his pants and shorts were jerked from his waist, leaving his /erection/">erection standing at attention in front of the four /crazy/">crazy women!!! "Oh my," The brunette said softly while running her hand along its length, "Im gonna enjoy this to the max, I surely am gonna enjoy riding this!!!" Hal threw his head back and closed his eyes, wondering when this nightmare would end, but before he could contemplate his future much longer, a warm mouth engulfed his hard pecker causing him to moan loudly as his nut sack automatically tightened!!! When he opened his eyes, he nearly fainted when he saw the huge brunettes huge /fat/">fat bottom slowly lowering itself onto his shaft!!! "Oh god," he whimpered as her /cunt/huge-cunt/">huge cunt swallowed up his eight inches like it was nothing, "p-please be careful!!!" "Listen to him, Carla," white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie one of the other women said with a laugh, "I think youre scaring him, I know Id be /scared/">scared if a /fat/fat-ass/">fat ass like that was sittin on me," which made Carla stick out her tongue at her tormentor, before slowly beginning to grind her /hard/pussy-hard/">pussy hard all around his hard thick spike!!! With her breathing growing more shallow, Carla cupped her full fat breasts and moaned, "Y-you were right, Candy, this boys got a gift, oh myyyyyy he fucks me so nice!!!" Up until now Hal had tried to remain still as the fat assed brunette fucked herself on his thick pole, but now, his cock was drifting slowly past the point of no return, and without warning, he began slowly thrusting his erection hard into the cunt of the panting woman!!! "Oh, god," she groaned, "h-hes /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-my-pussy/">fucking my pussy so hard, Im gonna cum all over him!!!" She wanted to ride him, well she was gonna get her chance, as Hal rammed his meat up into her now helpless pussy until both of them groaned in unison as his pecker shot load after hot load of cum into her steaming quim!!! "F-fuck," she stammered as her own orgasm shredded her spasming organ, "just fucking incredible!!!"

After taking a couple of minutes to regain his breath and bearings, Hal asked softly, "Can you please tell what Im doing here!?!" The women looked back and forth between each other until Candy announced, "Well to tell you the truth, Hal, you were selcted because we thought you might give us a challenge!!!" "A challenge," he aske warily, "what kind of challenge!?!" "Its kinda hard to explain," Candy went on slowly, "ya see, we kidnap men and turn them loose in the woods, and after giving them a head start, we chase them down and fuck them!!!" Hal just stared at the quartet in front of them before stammering, "Are you gals nuts, kidnapping is a federal crime, you can go to prison for that!?!" "Well," Carla answered while pulling on her fatigues, "after a guys been fucked six ways to Sunday, do you think hes really gonna call the cops, after all, its probably the best time hes ever had in his life!!!" Hals head was spinning at that logic, but in a way, Carla made some sense, how could a guy go to the police if hed just satisfied four sex crazed women with rifles, and besides, who the hell would ever believe him!?!" Finally his shoulders slumped and he replied, "Okay, Ill play, but can you at least untie me!?!" Candy gave Carla a nod, and quick as a flash she pulled a huge survival knife and with just a flick of the wrist, cut him free!!!

"Lets hurry up and start the game," a redhead said excitedly!!! "You and Brenda dont even fuckem," Carla said sarcastically, "all ever do is eat each other out and watch me and Candy screwem!!!" "Well its the thrill of the hunt," Ginger shot back, "and my sexual preference is none of your damned business, thank you!!!" Carla just laughed at the tiny redhead and declared loudly, "Why do we even have these two cunt lappers around, Candy, all they ever do is watch us do all the work!?!" "Ladies, ladies," Hal said quietly,"Ive got and idea, instead of chasing me through the forest, why not just let Carla and Candy fuck me while Ginger and Brenda do their thing, come on now, whataya say!?!"Candy and Carla looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders before Candy replied, "Okay, thats all right with us, do you think you can get it up again for both of us!?!" The answer to that question was already becoming evident as Hals penis began to grow in anticipation of his pending encounter with the two kidnappers!!!

As if they were having a race, everyone began throwing off their clothing until all of them were standing naked in the middle of the living room!!! Hal eyed Brenda and Ginger as the two lesbians began necking and nuzzling each other, but his attention quickly returned to Candy and Carla as they made a human sandwich out of him by pressing him between them!!! "Come on ladies," Hal panted, lets get down to buisness shall we," as he pushed Carla to the floor and buried his mouth in her huge hairy muffy!!! "Oh fuck," the chunky brunette gasped, "Y-youre right, he knows exactly where my clit is, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck is this good, suck me, boy, suck my /pussy/fat-pussy/big-fat-pussy/">big fat pussy!!!" Candy let her hand drop to her pussy as she began mindlessly fingering herself while watching Carla getting her cunt eaten, and of course, watching Ginger and Brenda beginning a long session of sixty nine!!! Carla was so turned on by the oral attention she was receiving, it only took a matter of mintues for Hal to bring her to a shattering orgasm that reduced her to a quivering mass of fat female flesh!!!

As soon as Carla had let out her last moan, Candy quickly pulled Hal away from the huge dark cunt and force him onto his back where she quickly mounted his hard erection!!!"Good fucking god," she sighed as his meat disappeared inside of her, "hes hard a fucking rock, mmmmmmm, I just love riding a /big/big-fucking/">big fucking boner!!!" Carla was still in no shape to move, but just watching her /friend/best-friend/">best friend riding the huge stallion cock made her cup her /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts and bring one of her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples to her mouth where she greedily sucked on it!!! Candy groaned loud and long as Hals spike filled her to overflowing, and just as his body stiffened as his cock spasmed, she joind him in one of the best and hardest orgasms she had ever experienced until she was totally and completely strung out from her cum, at which time she rolled off of him and gasped for breath as her heart pounded like a trip hammer in her chest!!! The room now was filled only by the slurping sounds coming from the pussies of the two cunt lapping lesbians, Ginger and Brenda, who were now grinding their hot boxes hard into each others mouth while their orgasms shook like earthquakes in their convulsing cunts!!!

Everyone was quiet for a while as each of them slowly came down from their own sexual high, that is until Hal asked easily, "Now, could someone please tell me exactly where we are, I gotta get back to my car!?!"